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Corporate Crime

Vaciero Lawyers’ Corporate Crime team members boast expertise in defending the clients they represent in particularly adverse circumstances. Our reality demands preventing potential acts or illicit behaviours within the world of business, as well as leading a company’s defence and that of its managers before the criminal courts.

Corporate crime lawyers are aimed at assisting our clients in case of potential criminal issues derived from their business activity.

Corporate Compliance

Preventive advice to companies and their managers in order to implement crime prevention programs to minimize the risk of the commission of crimes when performing their business activities. This is particularly important following the incorporation of the criminal liability of legal persons in the Criminal Code.

Crime assistance

Assistance in crimes against the Public Treasury and the Social Security, money laundering, fraud, bankruptcy-related crimes, corporate crimes, and crimes related to intellectual property issues and the protection of business secrets.

Civil Liability

Civil liability deriving from the crime.






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