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Commercial and Corporate

Commercial and Corporate


At Vaciero Lawyers’ Commercial and Corporate law area, we provide advice and represent public and private companies, both national and multinational ones and give assistance to our clients in all legal areas related to their business.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise of our professionals enables us to provide advice across all commercial law-related areas: purchase or sales of companies, commercial contracts, corporate law, restructuring, refinancing and international legal advice.

The quality of our services and our rapid response time has earned it the trust and loyalty of the clients we represent.

Commercial Transactions

    • Commercial contracts: negotiation and generation of all kinds of business agreements
    • Design and execution of corporate restructuring processes, mergers, spin-offs and liquidations
    • Purchase of companies being exploited or taking stakes in the capital, drafting previous agreements or protocols until their final definition and complete execution
    • Incorporation of legal persons: generation and negotiation of shareholders’ agreement, Articles of Association and Internal Regulations
    • Resolution of disputes among shareholders and responsibility of administrators
    • Family protocols

Purchase of Companies

    • Legal Due diligence in venture capital transactions and purchase of companies
    • Negotiation and execution of the purchase agreement, options, shareholders’ agreements, promise to sell

International legal advice

    • Legal advice in international expansion processes until the incorporation of companies in the target country, or the purchase or acquisition of shareholding of foreign companies
    • Advice to draft, revise and negotiate international agreements
    • Advice to terminate international agreements and litigations

Permanent advisory services

    • Legal assistance of the Secretary and Legal services for Company Boards and Boards
    • Legal advice to management and application of the rules of good governance


    • To look into, supervise and write any type of civil and commercial agreements while taking part in the negotiation and execution of the agreement.
    • To issue legal reports and opinions





C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta
28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67
F. 914 26 83 27
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C/ Caso, 3 (Montecerrao)
33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83
F. 985 96 37 03
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C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta - 28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67 - F. 914 26 83 27 · Cómo llegar


C/ Caso, 3 (Monte Cerrao) - 33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83 - F. 985 96 37 03 · Cómo llegar