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Francisco Vaciero Fernández

Francisco Vaciero


Francisco Vaciero has a Degree in Economics and Business by the University of Oviedo, Auditor of Accounts, Management Development Program at IESE and Advanced Course on Corporate Finance and Venture Capital by IFAES. He began his professional career in 1984 at a firm specialized in financial audit and business consultancy, where he had different positions until he  became a partner at the firm.

In 1994 Francisco decided to give shape to his own project and set up Vaciero, a firm directed to giving advice to companies and institutions from the economic and legal sectors, being its president nowadays.

He has a broad experience in giving advice to entities, companies and company groups while taking part in several complex transactions, particularly in purchase of companies, mergers, financial and corporate restructuring.

As a result of giving advice to several family business groups, he has achieved in-depth knowledge of the specific problems of family businesses. Likewise, he has led the development of various family protocols and been a speaker at forums aimed at making family business aware of how important it is to plan succession correctly.

He was a Member-President of the Economist Association of Asturias during the period 1990-1998, and financial advisor at FEMETAL, and besides he also develops his teaching activity in post graduate courses at the University of Oviedo and regularly participates as a speaker in diverse business and professional forums

Contact I  franciscofv_arroba_vaciero.es



C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta
28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67
F. 914 26 83 27
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C/ Caso, 3 (Montecerrao)
33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83
F. 985 96 37 03
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C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 12, 3ºB - 28001 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67 - F. 914 26 83 27 · Cómo llegar


C/ Caso, 3 (Monte Cerrao) - 33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83 - F. 985 96 37 03 · Cómo llegar