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Private Client

We help our clients to preserve their Financial Security and Real Estate as well as their legacy for future generations.

In a global environment like we have nowadays, our services and cross-border advice allow us to accomplish the growing needs of our clients and position at an Internacional level. This way we offer an integral y transversal service coordinated with the rest of the areas of our firm, with the only purpose of colaborate in the preservation and growth of the Personal and Family Heritage of our clients.

The lidership of our area Private Client in protecting the heritage of our clients, develop it, as well as organize its transmition to future generations, combined with the indisputable quality of our financial-tax and corporate areas, it allows our lawyers, consultants, auditors and analysts to offer our clients a wide range of services, with the highest quality and knowledge.

We stand out for our wide experience in:

  • Family Real Estate Planning
  • International Tax Planning and Advice
  • Advice on Investment Management, Administration and Disinvestment of Movable and Real Estate Assets.
  • Resolution of litigation that may affect your asset or your family's welfare.
  • Constitution, Management and Restructuring of Organized Family Patrimony (Family Office).
  • Accounting and Taxation of non-residents.
  • International Successory Law; Wills, Legacies and Inheritances.
  • Management and processing of residence visas for investments.

In conclusion, we are true specialists in Private Client, and our work for decades with leading international private clients has given us a solid and extensive experience.

All our professionals are subject to the obligation of confidentiality so that their work will be carried out respecting it at all times.

The person responsible and contact is: Rafael del Rivero (, Family Business Partner and Private Client. He is currently a Member of the Family Business Area of Vaciero, leading the mediation and drafting projects of Family Agreements, Family Protocols, Family Strategic Plans and Partner Pacts, as well as taking responsibility for all Private Client services.


C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta
28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67
F. 914 26 83 27
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C/ Caso, 3 (Montecerrao)
33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83
F. 985 96 37 03
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C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 12, 3ºB - 28001 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67 - F. 914 26 83 27 · How to get


C/ Caso, 3 (Monte Cerrao) - 33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83 - F. 985 96 37 03 · How to get