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Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

We have broad experience in dispute resolution and defend our clients’ interests in litigations. The nature of business activities demands quick and effective dispute resolution, and for this reason we provide preventive legal advice in order to avoid, as much as possible, litigious situations. At the same time and in case of coming to trial, we work to ensure that our client is best placed to deal with it.

When the judicial or arbitration procedures are unavoidable, we act as lawyers during the litigation before any court or instance. Our previous experience allows us to act and face such proceedings successfully, and to adapt to the changing situations of the current business environment.

On some occasions, the judicial or arbitration procedures either run parallel to negotiations between the parties or such negotiations are prior, thus prompting an early termination of the proceedings by reaching transactional agreements. We provide our clients with the best possible solution based on our wide experience in this type of negotiations.

Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our services include advice and legal representation in any type of proceedings, appeals and stages of the process. We issue our legal opinion on potential litigations and perform preventive analysis to identify and prevent possible liabilities. We also design and execute pre-litigation strategies in accordance with the interests of our clients.


We normally represent national and international clients in arbitration procedures, thus getting involved in complex disputes from different financial sectors requiring specialized legal advice.

Arbitration proceeding

    • Commercial arbitration, investment protection and other specialist areas
    • Strategic advice at the start of a dispute, including mediation and expert opinions
    • Choice of bodies and the most appropriate regulations
    • Selection of arbitrators
    • Representation and defense throughout the arbitration proceedings

Action before de court

    • Competent jurisdiction disputes
    • Interim measures before judicial and arbitration courts
    • Annulment or review of arbitral awards
    • Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards





C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta
28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67
F. 914 26 83 27
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C/ Caso, 3 (Montecerrao)
33006 Oviedo
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C/ Claudio Coello, 91, 3ªplanta - 28006 Madrid
T. 915 76 58 67 - F. 914 26 83 27 · Cómo llegar


C/ Caso, 3 (Monte Cerrao) - 33006 Oviedo
T. 985 96 31 83 - F. 985 96 37 03 · Cómo llegar