Real estate and construction sectors have considerable relevance in Spanish economy. These companies daily face different situations requiring comprehensive advice covering company scopes thoroughly.

When it comes to expansion and growth periods, it turns vital to correctly analyse real estate asset investment opportunities, as well as disinvestment processes or asset refinancing, when company’s future is at stake.

In addition to specific tax matters such as fiscal analysis of real estate transactions, including all kinds of taxes as well as settlements, there are other issues that require deep knowledge of the topic, as any little mistake can cause a serious damage to company’s cash flow.

Likewise, the enormous amount of legislation on administrative, development and public procurement matters at all levels (state, regional and local) hinders business entrepreneurship.

For such reason, it turns vital to know what the Public Administration is like and how it works for companies to reach their objectives correctly on time.

Our professional team has wide experience in all kinds of real estate aspects, which are a fundamental part of their assets, such as construction and civil engineering, development, hotels, large retail outlets, student residences and nursing homes or shopping centres, among others.

Our experience

Advisory services on Building and Works Tax [ICIO] inspection proceedings to Shopping Centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and an English bank located in Madrid.
Advisory services and legal representation of real estate developers during mortgage execution processes and negotiation with financial entities or managing companies.
Tax advice to an important national real estate developer and its international partners worldwide during the whole real estate development process (sales, contracts, investment and disinvestment schemes, local and regional taxes, etc.).
Advisory services and legal representation of real estate developers against construction defect claims and Courthouse consideration of actions for recovery or recourse actions with regard to other agents involved in the building process, even when no compensation or construction defect repair has been made.