“Our mission is to solve any legal or financial problem posed by companies.”
Francisco Vaciero

Vaciero’s expert teams specialized in different practice areas provide legal and financial advisory services to companies. Likewise, Vaciero also gives a multidisciplinary response to different business issues. Our capacity to address one matter from different involved perspectives and with a strategic result-oriented vision is one of our main features.

We base our work on generating multidisciplinary teams: a financial engagement must address legal issues and a legal matter is sometimes related to economic aspects that must be approached likewise with efficiency.

Both difficulties and solutions do not come up isolated. On many occasions, our clients face situations that require complex and complete solutions.

Our professional teams take clients’ problems as their own. They apply their experience and deep knowledge of the economic-financial and legal worlds to obtain some advantage. Professionalism together with friendliness.

Crisis or business in difficulties, Corporate Investment and disinvestment and disputes are some of the cornerstones of our solutions.



“We offer customized solutions to those complex issues present in current business environments.”
Ricardo San Marcos de la Torre
Insolvency Law and Restructuring
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“We accompany clients while their business is growing and expanding, as well as when they undergo restructuring, disinvestment or corporate reorganisation.”
Begoña Fernández Vaciero
Corporate-Financial Advice
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“We design customized solutions to each client’s problem, while trying to find the most beneficiary solution to the company.”
Mario de Gandarillas Martos
Family Business
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