“To prevent,
to fulfil,
to achieve.”

“We help companies to solve their complex issues.”

Francisco Vaciero


Crisis “We offer customized solutions to those complex issues present in current business environments.”
Ricardo San Marcos de la Torre
Insolvency Law and Restructuring
Companies undergo crisis and difficult moments during their existence. Our objective is to design and implement the best strategy ever to prevent, if possible, or face and solve unavoidable problems by using the appropriate service-expertise mix. More...
Growth “We accompany clients while their business is growing and expanding, as well as when they undergo restructuring, disinvestment or corporate reorganisation.”
Begoña Fernández Vaciero
Corporate / Financial Advisory
Being an ongoing business requires continuous growth and reorganisation, which needs legal and financial advice to guarantee its viability. Vaciero bets on a multidisciplinary vision adapted to each company’s specific needs. More...
Disputes “We design customized solutions to each client’s problem, while trying to find the most beneficiary solution to the company.”
Mario de Gandarillas Martos
Family Business
To analyse and prepare a defence strategy are key to successfully win a dispute. The ways to succeed depend on the case: negotiation, mediation or court action. More...


Our clients’

Our clients’ opinion is also clearly expressed in the scores of the satisfaction questionnaire carried out by an independent consulting company in 2018. Graph
NPS indicator calculation: Assessment range: from 0 to 10. Clients scoring between 0 and 6 are considered Detractors, those between 7 and 8 are considered passive, and clients scoring between 9 and 10 are considered Promoters.
In order to calculate the NPS indicator is calculated by subtracting Detractor percentage from Promoter percentage. The result obtained is the NPS, which must be between -100 and 100.
In our case:

Vaciero NPS = % Promoters (82%) - % Detractors (0%) = 82