One of the most outstanding features of VACIERO as a firm is the mix between knowledge and sympathy: the high technical level of our professional team is deployed with an absolute client-oriented philosophy. This is conveyed in quick, efficient, direct, kind and personalised response to clients, which is precisely what our clients value most.

VACIERO’s beliefs are the basis of our attitude and behaviour as referred to in our manifesto.

“People first and besides professionals”
Francisco Vaciero


  • 1. Flying “V” makes individual efforts be useful for other members of the Firm.
  • 2. We hire professionals to be part of the team and of a Project in which we all are, feel and act like partners.
  • 3. We are proud of our profession and of our Firm. We are utterly committed to our society in every single engagement.
  • 4. We are an elite of professionals, no elitist though. We do believe that professionalism and friendliness are not opposite.
  • 5. Our team happiness and development matter to us, so we help them to achieve a work-life balance.
  • 6. We are not and do not mean to become the greatest Firm. We aim to be the most desirable market leader.
  • 7. We are winners and believe that true success only comes with the best results and with the best human experience for our clients.
  • 8. Our financial and strategic vision of businesses and families is the best option to design comprehensive solutions and complex businesses challenges.
  • 9. Our multidisciplinary service approach is supported by our highly technical professional team, full of experience and expertise, who are used to team working in order to provide clients with the most comprehensive solution to different situations.
  • 10. Our relations are based on trust through high quality, effectiveness and confidentiality guarantees.


“We are looking for the best people to become the best professionals.”
  • To actively participate in the project for the development and growth of a firm devoted to economic and legal services.
  • To gain access to highly specialised knowledge and experience, counting on those means and resources needed to ensure value.
  • To participate in projects which are highly relevant and impacting for clients. This approach differentiates us from other professional service firms, where area experts do not interact among them.
  • To be treated with respect, encourage and balance as a human being and a professional.
  • To undergo the best professional and human experience ever.

If you identify yourself with these values, we are a suitable candidate to join our team. An enriching professional career in an honest and innovating environment is ahead waiting for you.

If you wish to climb the professional ladder in VACIERO, please send us your data, a letter of presentation and you CV in PDF format. We will be delighted to meet you.


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