“Our deep knowledge of each sector and line of business allows us to efficiently achieve our objectives”
Ricardo San Marcos
Insolvency Law and Restructuring

Each line of business implies a given casuistry, specific legislation and an endless number of characteristics that must be known in order to help companies in any legal or financial problem they may have.

The consequences and implications of actions in each sector also vary.

Experience and analysis are key to handle situations accurately and efficiently. It is good to know the grounds you are standing on.

Although our clients come from different sectors, we referring below to some relevant ones that better represent our client portfolio.


Industrial Sector

Industry is a key sector in our country’s economy.
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ICT Sector

This sector is increasingly gaining presence in the world of businesses, due to the huge investment in technology and process digitalization made by companies and entities.
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Real Estate Sector

Real estate and construction sectors have considerable relevance in Spanish economy.
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