Industry is a key sector in our country’s economy. Its positive impact on our trade balance, its remarkable link to technological progress, its driving effect, through demand, on advanced market services, particularly, or industrial company productivity increase are elements that reflect its significance.

Industrial companies develop a type of activity that is constantly changing and adapting to market needs. On many occasions, this calls for expert advice to cover all needs, from commercial-legal, criminal-legal, economic-accounting or financial-economic areas.

Vaciero has been advising industrial companies during all their existence, both on growing and expansion processes (mergers and acquisitions, financing) and also in difficulties (restructuring or insolvency processes before third parties).

Our team of professionals has wide experience in providing expert advice to industrial companies on fields such as iron and steel, logistics or machinery among others.

Our experience

To provide financial advice to a company from the metal sector during an internationalization process. Financing was raised via bank loans, as well as a risk capital fund.
We advised the sale of a group of car-dealers in the north of Spain.
We provided advice on the purchase of companies of the metal sector by searching and selecting businesses involved in expansion projects.
Valuation of international groups for the exchange equation during a merger process in the manufacturing sector.