Corporate investments and disinvestments

Company survival implies continuous growth and restructuring that will call for legal and financial advice to guarantee its viability. Vaciero provides a multidisciplinary vision adapted to each specific company need.

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DISTRIBUTION The sale of a business unit We advised the sale of a corporation devoted to distributing commercial equipment.
AUTOMOTIVE The sale of Group of car-dealers We advised the sale of a group of car-dealers in the north of Spain.
INDUSTRY AND DISTRIBUTION The purchase of a marketer We advised the purchase of a Dutch company by one of the main European manufacturers of lighting equipment.
AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD The sale of a vineyard We advised the sale of a winemaker group, as well as raising finance for such transactions.
TOURISM The purchase of a hotel Group We advised the purchase of a Spanish group with international businesses by a French hotel chain
CONSTRUCTION Strategic Merge We advised the merger by take-over of a construction company devoted to structure demolition by another one specialized in earth movements in order to expand their service offer.
REAL ESTATE The sale of the operating concession of premises We advised the sale of an administrative operating concession of a group of premises for commercial purposes.
DISTRIBUTION The sale of brands and a business unit The sale of brands and the business unit of a distribution company of electronic products or components to an Asian group.
“Businessmen must slow down and think about their businesses ahead in order to optimize their growth. These decisions are sometimes procrastinated and weaken the company.”

Those transactions involving company acquisition or financing projects require combining business, financial, commercial, tax and labour knowledge, as well as negotiation skills. Our teams are multidisciplinary and work together since the beginning of the project, thus providing a comprehensive and efficient solution.

On other occasions, company or family status make company sale be the best option in order to transform assets. However, the sale is an unusual process for the businessman, as it demands knowledge and skills in different areas. Whenever a family business approaches winds of change or generational replacement, they must reflect on the situation of the business and family capacities in order to analyse which businesses must be kept or strengthened and which ones should be disinvested from a strategic point of view.

VACIERO helps clients to carry out a business analysis from a strategic view, while understanding family situation; to make decisions and to find the appropriate buyer. Maximising the price and reducing risks are the targets to reach in any case.

Trust is at the core of our relations and it is built on high quality, effectiveness and confidentiality. We care for the professional side and the human value, as we deal with people in the end: “We are winners and believe that true success only comes with the best results and with the best human experience for our clients.”