ICT sector (Information and Communication Technologies) is increasingly gaining presence in the world of businesses, due to the huge investment in technology and process digitalization made by companies and entities.

In this sense, ICT companies face the challenge of growing, while being sustainable in time. Success is not guaranteed by betting on growth or assets disinvestment in order to boost company activity. To decide on the best strategy to follow is not an easy task, and demands counting on a true company analysis from legal and financial perspectives.

To keep a company as an ongoing business involves sustainable growth which, in turn, demands legal and financial advice to guarantee the viability of the Project. Vaciero gives this multidisciplinary vision meeting every single company need.

We design and implement a strategy that ensures our client’s business viability while providing a customised functional vision. We do not only detect the opportunity, but we also make it come true.

Our experience

We advised a merger of an advertising company by a communication and marketing agency that belonged to a technology group.
We designed the Balance Scorecard and strategy for a technology service provider after having joined a great company group.
We advised an Asturian multinational technology company to acquire a telecommunications engineering company.
We valued the shareholding of two companies specialized in software tools and in the strategic design of digital products.