Business and family disputes

To analyse and prepare a defence strategy are the key to solve a dispute. There are many ways to reach such, depending on the case: negotiation, mediation or at the court.

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Metal Right to reimbursement We provided legal assistance to claim the right to reimbursement from joint and several debtors.
HEALTH To claim amounts We provided legal assistance and defence to proceedings claiming damages to a company.
ENERGY Contract Termination We provided legal assistance during proceedings to terminate a service contract and claim a compensation.
AUTOMOTIVE Default We provided legal assistance to a company of this sector in credit recovery proceedings.
REAL ESTATE Ordered separation We provided legal advice on property division into nine family branches which did not share the same business view.
PHARMACEUTICAL Coexistence and generational replacement We provided legal advice on first to second generation replacement involving different leadership styles.
INDUSTRY Sense of belonging A process directed to creating a sense of belonging among the little-compromised fourth generation of a valued company, thus highly professional.
TRANSPORTATION AND HOTELS Family protocols We drafted the standards to rule the relationship among the family members of a company. We particularly strengthened second generation’s legitimised leadership.
“We mean to protect our clients professionally and personally. We make their problem ours from the moment they walk through the door.”

On many occasions, disputes with third parties may come up in the world of business, which require legal representation. The way it is solved will affect the cost the company has to face and even the derived liability to the company or its directors. Likewise, a litigation which is not well approached can jeopardize company’s image, reputation and viability.

Our team integrates experts in procedural law, some of them coming from the judiciary and the General Attorney, specialized in economic crimes. This way, the team counts on the skills, experience and knowledge needed to design a better strategy and defence to the interest of our clients.