The Administrative Law Area provides specialized legal advice both to natural and legal persons in their relations with the Public Administration, public entities or any entities or public persons in their proceedings, activities and interactions with local, regional or national Administrations.

We particularly:

1.- Provide our clients with legal advice prior to making any related decision or taking actions through recommendations, reports and judgements.

2.- Follow up proceedings of any kind of administrative files (ordinary, sanctions, public procurement,) at all their stages pursuant to their sector, property, concession and development regulations, as well as those related to privatization and acquisition processes, regulation development and challenge of general provisions, economic-financial readjustment files, regulated sectors, subsidies and aids and any other relevant administrative casuistry.

3. Attorney assistance, if any, in legal actions and the defence in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction, in all its instances and at all procedural stages until the end.

The Administrative Law Area counts on the other areas of the firm for the client’s sake. This makes it possible to get the highest level of integration and benefit from synergies in those engagements requiring cross-assistance due to the presence of different sector regulations in each resolution. Likewise, the Area collaborates with outstanding free-lance, whenever their technical and/or expert opinion is necessary, for a proper defence of our clients’ interests.