Labour Law and Social Security

We cover all labour and Social Security related matters.

We carry out different proceedings before Labour Authorities in relation to a variety of questions, among which occupational safety is one of the most important ones. We are also involved in proceedings related to the State Agency for Employment or any other body under the Ministry of Employment.

We defend our clients at courthouses in jurisdictional proceedings, managing the procedure in all instances and in different areas (redundancies, right and compensation claims, contract terminations, fundamental rights, company successions, outsourcing, transfer of labour, etc.)

In relation to labour advice to companies in difficulties, we make the arrangements for Redundancies due to economic reasons or, in each case, we prepare and manage Layoff Plans involving prior viability plans, drafting documentation and notifications to Labour Authorities or negotiating with workers or their representatives. We manage Temporary Layoff Plans to reduce timetables and /or terminating contracts. Likewise, we advise companies in insolvency on labour matters, either before the labour courthouse or the commercial one as the ones involved in the Insolvency proceedings.

As far as the Collective Bargaining is concerned, we manage business negotiation in terms of failure to apply the conditions of the Collective Bargaining, Company Collective Bargaining and any other collective bargaining-related matters. Besides, we advise on out-of-court dispute resolution proceedings (SIMA, CCNCC…), acting on behalf of the company in mediation or arbitration procedures. We obviously assume the legal representation in Collective Dispute proceedings or challenging arbitral awards.

In relation to Social Security matters, we manage Social Security protection and benefit-related questions (Permanent, absolute or severe incapacity to work, retirement, widowhood subsides, etc.) or in relation to other corporate obligations.