Mediation was introduced in our legal system as an alternative way to the courthouse in order to solve disputes. It features bureaucracy flexibility, fast proceedings and less economic and personal costs for the interesting parties. All the foregoing together with the idea of reducing litigations and, thus contributing to regard Justice Bodies as a secondary resource.

Mediation allows the parties to reach more customized agreements that those obtained at the courthouse.

VACIERO counts on experts duly registered at the Mediator Registry, who are characterized by wide experience in negotiable matters, commercial and insolvency engagements. Their technical know-how and constant training in mediation techniques, together with their experience, successfully contribute to solving disputes without reaching the courthouse.

Additionally, our mediator’s skills count on our multidisciplinary team’s technical skills to reach more comprehensive solutions, thus responding diverse matters.

Thanks to the mediation, Vaciero has managed to reach agreements and solve disputes between confronted parties and to avoid long and costly legal proceedings.