Tax and Fiscal

Vaciero’s Tax and Fiscal Law area is made up of highly trained professionals in the fields of legal and economic matters, who provide a proactive approach and wide experience in permanent or specific advisory services in national and international tax matters.

Our tax services are based on three main pillars: to plan, to prevent and to inform. Tax planning implies a prior analysis of proceedings to be carried out, by their being properly scheduled and designed in order to optimize taxation. On the other hand, prevention allows knowing the situation of the entity and their partners any time in terms of potential unwilling risks. Finally, appropriate planning and prevention calls for a deep knowledge of new regulations, the latest criteria to be followed by the Administration and the rulings of Tribunals on controversial matters.

We offer all kind of tax solutions to companies, entities and family business demanded by the current business environment, among others: recurrent advice, tax settlement, inspections, to challenge in administrative and economic-administrative proceedings, tax appeals, tax report drafting, related party transaction documentation, succession schedules, company restructuring, asset reorganization and tax audit.